Cost of Cataract Surgery


How much does cataract surgery cost?

The cost of private cataract surgery depends on the type of lens replacement treatment you have. The cost of the operation varies from £1995 to £3495 depending on the type of lens that we agree is best for you and additional treatments that may be necessary afterwards. 

Rest assured, we don't use poor quality lenses, but there are different types of lenses, all of which are excellent quality lenses. The lenses may be monofocal, mutifocal or toric lenses and just as one shoe doesn't fit us all, different people have different lens replacement requirements. At your cataract surgery consultation with Dr Wevill, he'll discuss the different options with you, explain which one is best, and why. Together you can decide which lens you prefer. Here are some of the advantages and reasons why one lens may be better suited to you than another.

Cost of Different Lenses

Monofocal lenses: The least expensive lenses and are good, simple lenses for giving you good distance vision. They are also usually the best lenses for people who have other eye problems such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and problems with the surface of their eyes.

Toric lenses: The best lenses for people who have astigmatism, also known as "rugby ball" shaped eyes.

Multifocal lenses: The best lenses for people who don't want to wear glasses after their cataract surgery, but your eyes will have to be very healthy for you to benefit from cataract lens replacement with these lenses. These are more expensive lenses.

Other Reasons Why the Price Varies

We may have to do additional scans and tests of your eyes before the treatment and we may have to do further treatments afterwards to improve your vision. Some of the costs of these scans and treatments will be included in your surgical fee, but some may be additional and we will discuss these details with you at your consultation.